Our church began as a small group from the original New Life Fellowship in Phnom Penh. Some Christians moved to Phnom Penh Themy in early 1999 and began to study the Bible in their homes. The group began to grow, but many were unable to travel to the main church because of the distance. At that point, the leaders decided to plant a new church. 


     In the fall of 1999, an old wooden house was rented, and repairs were made so that the small group of believers could begin to meet under the stilted house on Sunday mornings as a church body. A dormitory ministry was also established to support young men from the province who needed a place to stay while studying at the university in Phnom Penh.


     The church continued meeting for years, but in 2002, the pastor ran into some personal problems and abandoned the church. Because of this the congregation floundered, and many left. There were about 25 members remaining, most of whom were residents of the dormitory. In March of 2003, Sophea and Jenny Sem came from the original NLF church to lead the church in Phnom Penh Thmey. They organized the remaining believers into a small group that met together on Sundays. New activities were set in place to strengthen the church. Prayer meetings, outreaches to women, English classes, and youth events began to bring life back to the church body. As a result, the church began to grow again, and in 2005 eighty members attended regularly.


     The history of our church is rich with God’s blessings, as our pastors’ ministry has sprouted into a great opportunity for reaching the lost in Cambodia. We’re a young church, both in history and in the age of our members. We are also young at heart. We’re a very active church, filled with joy and passion. We believe that as the family of God, we should have times for being serious, for prayer, for studying the Word of God, and for worshiping. We also believe there should be times of fellowship, playing, and eating together, just like a natural family. We hope that the members of our church will find hope, joy, love and peace as they live and worship together as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.